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1031 Del Paso Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95815

Rancho Cordova, CA


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Ten Blair
Creative Director & Consultant, Graphic Designer, Philanthropist

Co-owner of Never Board, Ten holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Specializing in Logo & Brand development, Consulting & Editorial design. She is an entrepreneur, artist, educator and networker. 

John Blair
Artist, Dreamer, Doer

Co-owner Operator Never Board Graphic Company since 2005. Bachelor of science degree graphic design. Lives and loves art, people and business.   

Rod Malloy
Public Speaker, Consultant, Community Servant

With roots in Connecticut and New York, Rod has guided non-profit organizations across the United States, raising over $30 million on behalf of aging adults, at-risk children and seniors, human trafficking victims, homeless Veterans and nature conservation and environmental protection causes. A professional public speaker, Rod inspires audiences on topics ranging from natural and local history to
future reality, with special emphasis on aging adult services, inter-generational trends, social media, civic leadership, technological culture and the environment. Rod's empathic relator, catalyst and futurist approach form the foundation for his servant leadership and commanding style.

Our walls will be open to the public within certain time slots, each artist can take as much time as they schedule. Walls will be washed every month or less in order to accommodate new artists coming in. We're working to put one of these in a community near you! 


We are currently searching for Sponsors and Volunteers to help us build our community and a place to construct our permanent wall.

Proof of concept was tested every Saturday during the Summer of 2017. ​

and every second Saturday since.

Inspiration of Layout:  Wall No.1


The triangle represents strength and are reminiscent of the great pyramids one of the seven wonders of the world known to stand the test of time. The combination of triangles intending to show diversity is positive especially when looked at from above. When the triangles are combined in the proposed layout the abstract nature of the shapes intersecting is reminiscent of the surrounding trees, hills, sails of boats and planes.


BONUS: Without intention we noticed at ground height there is a crown shape, perfect for our local Sacramento basketball team.

It's about honing skills and creating
better artists and communities. 

Mission Statement


To Inspire street artists to cultivate a sense of pride, commitment and ownership in their communities.

Graffiti4Good equips local street artists with the resources and guidance to beautify their local neighborhoods and provides safe, protected venues for those artists to create and display their art. 


Vision Statement


To provide open source graffiti walls to different communities around the world by bringing beauty and a sense of pride to the communities through art and empowerment to local artists and their communities.



  • Committed to beautification of local areas, parks and open recreation spaces

  • Respecting local laws and honoring history of area and the inhabitance of communities

  • Dedicated to building collaborations and strong partnerships with local leaders, business owners and community members

  • Giving back to the local community through land conservation projects and protected monitored art venues

  • Empowering the next generation of workers and artists with service projects and seasonal apprenticeships



Graffiti4Good is looking to build and expand. We're looking for individuals of every kind to get involved in this cool community project. Whether you want to sit on a Board, become an active member, or just help volunteer.


ALL are welcome!!